About me

The call of the snow

Bernadette Schild was born in Zell am See, Austria on 2nd January 1990, the third child in a very sport orientated family, with particularly ski-enthusiastic parents. At the tender age of two she started her first attempts on skis and it was soon evident that she had a natural feeling for, and ability on the snow.

Numerous sports activities

It was not just the ski-world that captured her imagination but other aspects of the mountains, rock climbing in particular. During her primary and secondary schooling in Saalfelden, leisure time was devoted to ski, climbing and gymnastic training. At an early age she celebrated victory in a couple of climbing events. She still retains enthusiasm for climbing although her main sports career has taken a different direction.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

In 2004 Bernadette became a student at the Ski Academy, Stams (Schigymnasium Stams), clearly setting her focus on skiing but also completing her A-levels (Matura) in 2009. Since then she has worked hard on her main discipline of Slalom without loosing the fun aspect of skiing.


Bernadette has a freethinking and creative way of life with a philosophy that leads her in some unexpected directions; characterised by taking life as it comes but never standing still. Her varied hobbies of photography, drawing, travelling, reading and cooking illustrate her creative talents. She is currently a student in International Business Communication at the media college – AKAD Munich, whilst still maintaining her professional job as ski racer.

Consistency and innovation

Bernadette achieves consistency and innovation through her training with the Austrian Ski Federation but additionally she is able to call on family support and inspiration from “Schild Skiracing” with particular contributions from brother Josef and cousin Stefan. For condition training Bernadette also benefits from the modern training methods of sports scientists Armin Wierer and Karl Schwarzenbrunner.

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