As happy as I can be

Aug '16
Bernadette Schild Wedding
Photos by bergermarkusphotography

Somehow I always forget about my blog. Actually, my life isn’t boring and quite a few important things have happened the last couple of months but it seems like I wanted to keep those special moments to myself, at least until now. The good thing about a flight that seems to be never ending (Munich-Dubai-Bangkok-Sydney-Christchurch) is time. Time to reflect what has happened and what this happenings mean to you. (To be honest, I actually have written this blog on my way to New Zealand but something has gone wrong when uploading it, that's the reason for the three-weeks-delay.)

Every girl dreams about that one day she is allowed to wear a white dress and celebrate life with that one person you want to spend your whole life with. It was and still is the most beautiful and special day in my life. Well, this does sound very romantic but that’s what it is. It was a day and night full of joy, dancing, laughing and simply celebrating the luck of life with family and friends. The memories of that day will always be with me. Securely saved. Maybe memories are the things that are secured in the best way we can. Does that mean they are also the most precious things we can own, as only precious things are secured...?

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