Fascination Olympia

Jan '18
Photo by Gepa


Time flies right now. I do feel like Sölden has taken place yesterday. But NO, Sölden was in October and now it's February. I guess all the stress I had the last couple of months definitely made time pass way too fast. At this point I have to add that stress this winter is the positive kind of stress. The one that keeps me going and makes me ski the best I can.


It's very difficult to put that night in Flachau into words. It simply was incredible. I mean being the last one up there with everybody waiting only for you, then pushing out of the start gate and hearing the crowd cheer only for you….thinking of it still makes my heart bounce. But yes, that's what I do all this for. For this one moment when all that counts is me, the hill and the course.


Flachau is done for this season but the Olympics are still lying ahead of me. Approaching such an important event a lot of things go on. Things I actually do not want myself to be confronted with but it seems as there is no escape. Questions such as who will be allowed to go to South Korea and which disciplines will be skiied by whom arise everywhere.


One thing is for sure, I am going there. I am motivated as my season has been the best I have ever skiied so far. I am ready to give the Olympic Games a second chance as Sochi wasn't really a trip I love to remember.

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