Apr '14

A lot has happened in the last few weeks and another big change occured that I have to tell you about: I changed the brand of my skis and I did so for the first time in my life and therefore, it might have been the biggest decision I have ever made in the sporty part of my life: I am now a very proud member of he Rossignol-Ski-Family.


Most of you may ask now, Why? - And, Is that even possible? - Schilds on Atomic that has a long tradition! True, but sometimes you have to breach traditions in orde to move on. Why? - Moving on means a lot of commitment and work but I am convinced that my whole team as well as the team of Rossignol are willing to move on and therefore are prepared to work with me - for sure having fun (mostly).

At this point I have to say that it was not a decision against Atomic but it was one for Rossignol.

I want to thank Atomic and its whole team for working with me for such a long period of time and the cooperation we had. Thank you for the path we walked together, but my path leaves yours now.

After many days on snow (also in April) I am certain of having earned a couple of warm months in shirts and shorts (maybe bikinis as well)! I won't write too much on this website in the upcoming months. However, I really want to keep the ones of you who want updated via Instagram, FB and Twitter. So if you want to know what my summer is like, you now know where to find it.

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